Confession is good for the soul. As a pastor, sometimes the extra preparation around Advent and Lent is a cause for anxiety [imagine that].  I penned these words for myself, and for all who suffer from Advent anxiety in its many forms. Enjoy.

    Advent Anxiety

Comes a thought of Christmas,
Let your heart not fear,
All the things to ready,
As the Day comes near.
For from in the Manger,
Comes a Word divine,
"Take the peace I give you,
Let your cares be Mine."

All the machinations
All the plans I lay
Can despoil the wonder
Of His natal day
For from in the Manger
Comes a Word divine
"Take My ready-making,
Let its fit be thine."

Peace returns but meekly
Worries slow depart
As an Infant readies
Every weak-faithed heart
Hasten then, the hours!
Let the days grow slim.
Anxious hearts are fitted,
Who by faith know Him.