Just as a household has various roles - a cook, a cleaner, a wage earner, etc. to keep it running smoothly, our church also has various roles to keep it running smoothly.

The Elders assist the pastor in meeting the spiritual needs of a congregation.

The Trustees look to the physical maintenance of the building.

The Altar Guild prepares the Lord's Supper and cleans/maintains the altar linens and communion ware.

Volunteers to beautify our church inside and outside - flowers for worship, gardeners for outdoor space, grass cutters in the summer, rakers in the fall, painters, cleaners and so forth.

Volunteers for our fellowship time - making coffee, bringing snacks, preparing food for our Advent and Lenten meals.

Serving in these ways is not just serving our church, it's serving our Heavenly Father who has given us the ability and the will to serve Him. Consider your gifts from God, and how you might best serve him and others at church.

Lord, we pray that we, your people

Who Your gifts unnumbered claim

Through the sharing of Your blessings 

May bring glory to Your name.

782 LSB (refrain)