Our Staff

Pastor David Emmrich has served Living Savior Lutheran Church since May of 2011. Prior to that he was Pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Whitewater from 2003 to 2011. He has also served as Campus Pastor for Lutheran Student Fellowship at St. Cloud State University from 1996 until 2002, and at Faith Lutheran Church in Knob Knoster, MO, and at the Lutheran Campus Center in Warrensburg MO from 1989 until 1996.

David originally grew up on the North Side of Milwaukee where he attended Christ Memorial Lutheran School and Milwaukee Lutheran High School. He met his wife Nancy at Milwaukee Lutheran. They have been blessed with two daughters—Jen and Jayne, and four grandchildren: Zach, Julianna, Aaron and Olivia.

David graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin with a BA in theology. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary St. Louis in 1989; a Master of Sacred Theology degree in Systematic Doctrine from Concordia Seminary in 1999; a Master of Arts in English from St. Cloud State University in 1999; and a Master of Science in Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2013.

David and Nancy enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking, reading, listening to music and spending time with family. When David is not busy with being a Pastor, he teaches theology courses at Concordia University Wisconsin’s Madison Center and works as a Psychotherapist at the Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training in Madison. There he helps individuals with grief counseling, life issues counseling, pre-marital and marriage counseling, and spiritual counseling. David has a special interest in treating people with panic and anxiety disorders, stress, OCD, depression, mood swings, grief and loss, marriage and family issues, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other areas. 

David enjoys working with groups and individuals and seeing others reach their God-given potential in life. His greatest joy in life comes from being known and loved by Jesus, and in sharing that joy with others. David makes himself available to speak to members of his congregation and community about their concerns, problems, joys, or whatever. Don’t hesitate to call 920-563-8050 to arrange a time to visit with him.



Most of you know me by name and by face. Usually you will find me with two or three children all going in the opposite directions.  For those of you who don't know me, I am Robin Lehmann.  I have been the secretary here at Living Savior Lutheran Church since November of 2014.  For a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old, you can imagine how much I enjoy my two days of working at the church.  Let me take you back a little ways and I will tell you how I got here.

I grew up in Fort Atkinson, WI, with 1 older sister.  I graduated from Fort Atkinson Senior High-School in 1997 and decided after two years of working 3rd shift in a factory to go college.  I graduated in 2005 from Madison Area Technical College with an Associate Degree in Business Mid-Management.  Years went by until I meet Jeremy Lehmann and fell in love with him and his 2 year old (Elizabeth).  I'm happy to say we have been married for 1 year now and have 3 children:  Elizabeth (6), Bethany (2) and Jacob (1).  To make it a full house, we also have a dog named Cooper. 

As far as hobbies go, I do have a few.  One would never know it watching me grow up, but reading is one of them.  Scrapbooking, and exercising are hobbies of mine as well.  Having children has turned me into a good cook and an amazing baker, according to my husband and kids.  My kids love to help cook and bake so we tend to do a lot of it instead of going out to eat.  

My personality is one of a kind.  I am a trusting person unless I have a reason not to trust someone. Being open and honest is another trait of mine. My mom will tell you that putting a band-aid on everyone’s ouchies is what I do.  My response is, if I can help someone in need then I will.  If I can’t help, I will always try to point you in the right direction. My dad would tell you that I think with my heart and it leads me to a lot of heartache.  Truth be told, he is right.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of who I am and what I am all about.  If you have any questions for me or, if there is something that I can help you with, please don't be shy. You will never know what I can help you with until you ask.  :0) Peace to you all, always.